November 22 2018 - January 5th 2019: MADAME M exhibition curated by the Studio Marant and Chez Moi Paris at the Joyce Gallery.

“From November 23 to January 5th 2019, Ms. M's apartments has moved into the Joyce Gallery at the Palais Royal in Paris. Designed by Chez Moi Paris and Studio Marant, this ephemeral boutique has been imagined as the private apartment of a fictional character. A Parisian who oscillates between a 19th century ‘cocotte’, the Castafiore an author and an activst. "

For the Madame M exhibiton Violette Stehli has imagined a series of limited edition rough cut love charms

The pendants are presented in a unique hand made treasure chest inspired by surrealism and dream states.

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October 2018: Violette Stehli x Laurène Guarneri

Laurène Guarneri is an artist who creates hand crafted mirrors on which she adds droplets of resin to reflect a world full of poetry and soft edges. The creative duo decided to team up to unite their hand-crafted creations for an ephemeral collaboration captured through the lens of photographer Cécile Chabert.

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September 6th - October 21st, 2018: SUMMER DAZE video installation for the Reality Check exhibition by the Studio Marant

“We were on the look out for the breaking point, the moment the viewer feels exposed, ready to step outside his own reality. We selected artists that provoke new sensations by generating ethereal worlds and unique dimensions. Together, they compose a new definition of what reality is.” -Emily Marant & Alice Gothiel, co-curators of Reality Check.

Click here to watch the video.

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December 7 - 24, 2017: Something in a Box exhibition with the Studio Marant & Flash Design Store at the Hoxton Hotel Paris:

For the exhibition, Violette Stehli has created a series of dioramas called Travel // Essentials, to showcase her jewelry in it’s natural environment. These portable curiosity cabinets are filled with personal keepsakes from travels across the world, and tell the back story of each piece created for the show.

The silver  Vertebrae  pendant is featured in the  Travel // Essentials : Desert Diorama .

The silver Vertebrae pendant is featured in the Travel // Essentials : Desert Diorama.

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June 25th - July 16, 2016: Presentation of the SS-16 Take Your Time collection at the Monteverita Gallery pop-up store, during the Tropicalia exhibition.

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February 2016: Release of the SS-16: TAKE YOUR TIME capsule collection:

Take your time is the mantra and the inspiration of the Violette Stehli SS-16 collection. Each piece is an invitation to remember to live in the moment and enjoy the present, as well as a reminder of the tremendous resources and resilience we carry within ourselves.

The collection is composed of nine new pieces, each featuring individually cast snails found in Provence, in Violette Stehli’s ancestral house. Each snail or ‘caragouille rosée’ as they are known locally, is placed on a silver hand-sculpted leaf from the Monstera Deliciosa plant.

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April 2014: Arrival of the Tooth & Claw collection at l’Eclaireur Paris:

Customers are invited to discover each piece from the collection with a short video. The videos are played on a loop on all of the 147 screens of the l’Eclaireur Sévigné store designed by Arne Quinze.

L'eclaireur new En.png
-From the l’Eclaireur   website.

-From the l’Eclaireur website.

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Octobre 2013: Launch of the Tooth & Claw collection.

The first Violette Stehli Jewelry collection is a compendium of all of it’s creators talismans: bones, claws, teeth and corals, lovingly collected since childhood and brought together in a modern yet poetic curiosity cabinet of sorts. The Tooth & Claw collection is composed of items that create an intimate connection to nature, and that lay down the fundamentals of the brand: tough yet poetic pieces, hand-made with the highest quality precious materials that have been ethically sourced and forged in the most eco-friendly and sustainable way possible.

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April - June 2011: Talking To Birds… and Other Stories is presented at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art’s annual Hatched Exhibition

Talking To Birds… and Other Stories is an mixed-media video installation comprised of three videos featuring some of Violette Stehli’s earliest jewelry.

The videos feature jewelry pieces inspired by or cast from animal parts (lion claws, bird beaks and bear teeth) created to serve as prostheses augmenting the human body, to strengthen the wearers bond with nature. The series, filmed in stop-motion animation, is about finding poetic and new ways to communicate with nature.

The Perth Institute of Contemporary Art is one of Australia’s leading museums. Since 1992, the Hatched National Graduate Show has presented the work of over one thousand artists alongside that of their national peers in this unique showcase of emergent talent. The exhibition aims to showcase the work of the most talented students graduating from Australian art schools each year. Following its success at the exhibition, Talking To Birds… and Other Stories was subsequently exhibited at the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery until the end of 2011.

To see the videos, click here, here or here.

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